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An individualized approach to stabilizing & reversing cognitive decline

The ENCORE Program is designed for prevention, for people who feel that their cognition is slipping but who test normally on brief screening, for people diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, and for people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. The earlier an assessment and treatment plan occur, the better the prognosis.


The ENCORE program utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to preventing and reversing cognitive decline. The plan will likely recommend lifestyle changes, including diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, and brain training. In addition, pharmaceuticals may be prescribed when appropriate.


The ENCORE program is based on the insightful work of Dr. Dale Bredesen. a UCLA based neurologist who has researched Alzheimer’s Disease extensively for over 30 years and determined that a multi-faceted approach to this multi-faceted disease holds the most promise. The progression of Alzheimer’s Disease is like the damage caused to a house not by a single large hole in the roof but by many small holes in the roof: if you fix one hole (ie, take a prescription), there will still be ongoing damage.

The Bredesen Protocol is a functional medicine approach to cognitive decline. It’s individualized approach seeks to identify which of the over 35 known influencers on Alzheimer’s are predominant in a specific individual and prescribe solutions to minimize those influences.

In 2014, Dr. Bredesen published an article showing that 9 of 10 patients treated with his approach showed improvement. He has since published a series of 100 patients with both subjective and objective improvements.

What to expect

The initial session with Dr. Bloch is an in-depth medical history and physical examination with an emphasis on factors which can lead to cognitive impairment. Initial lab studies will be prescribed with a focus on identifying the root cause(s) of each individual patient.

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