Trusting the internal wisdom of the body

The homeopath prescribes a minute amount of a substance which, if taken in excess, would cause the same symptoms in a healthy person that the patient is suffering with. Through it response to the medication, the “vital force” starts to heal the susceptibility to illness.

How it works

Homeopathic medicine can be used either as a primary healing modality or in addition to conventional or naturopathic medicine.

Homeopaths believe that the internal wisdom of the body is always trying to move towards health.

Like conventional medicine, homeopaths recognize that disease occurs because of the interaction of the person’s constitutional and genetic make-up with environmental stimuli.

Whereas conventional pharmaceuticals seek to counteract the chemical and physiological effects of a disease, homeopathic remedies seek to redirect the person’s core healing response and decrease the susceptibility to disease.

Who’s it for?

Homeopathy has been used widely to treat both acute and chronic physical and emotional illnesses including:

  • Infectious illnesses
  • “Functional illnesses” such as headaches and abdominal pain
  • Asthma
  • Musculo-skeletal conditions
  • Anxiety and depression

What to expect


A typical preliminary evaluation consists of an interview with the patient where Dr. Bloch will collect both a standard medical history, as well as less conventional medical information such as food desires and aversions, fears and phobias, and response to different weather patterns.

This information will all be used to develop an appropriate homeopathic prescription for the patient.

Adult: 1½ to 2 Hours
Pediatric: 1 to 1½ Hours

Follow-up Appointments

4 to 6 Weeks Later
20 to 45 Minutes

Once the patient is progressing, follow-ups decrease in frequency.

Ready to get started?

Dr. Bloch practices Homeopathy at the Healing Collective in Boulder.

He is currently seeing patients of all age groups and is open to evaluating any non-surgical conditions.* In addition he is able to manage some prescriptions and make recommendations for routine health screening for adults.

*It is preferred that patients have a primary care physician, as he is not available for 24/7 emergencies.

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