Internal Medicine

Western medical physician meets functional medicinal wisdom

Internal medicine physicians are trained to diagnose and treat a broad range of illnesses in adults. As an internist, Dr. Bloch works collaboratively with patients to meet their healthcare needs and is able to order diagnostic tests (labs and radiographic studies) and prescribe pharmaceuticals when appropriate.

How it works

The primary benefit to seeing Dr. Bloch for internal medicine is his ability to understand conventional medicine within a broader context.

He understands when the use of conventional medicines is critical, when pharmaceuticals should be continued or used as a bridge while we work to improve your underlying health, and when it may in fact be harmful.

In addition, he tries to remain “non-rushed,” and may provide more patient education than a typical doctor.

What to expect

Internal medicine visits will seem similar to going to other primary care providers; however, we hope more informative. At this time, the office is equipped to help people with non-emergent conditions.

We primarily help people manage and treat chronic illnesses.

We can prescribe for acute injuries and infections, but not for medical emergencies, as we don’t have much of the equipment on site that an urgent care or emergency department would have (such as an EKG machine, an x-ray, or a nebulizer for people who need a breathing treatment).

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The Doctor is in

Dr. Bloch is available to see adults of all ages for internal medicine issues at The Healing Collective. Initial appointments are generally scheduled for one hour.

Insurances that are currently accepted include Medicare Part B and United Healthcare.

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